Manjaro comes with its own tools that help you configuring your computer the way you want - without searching for scattered settings across the whole system and looking things up on the internet. Just open the system control panel, open the tool and select what you want.

Choose, install, finished!

Manjaro maintains its own program to install, update and remove packages from the system. Just open it, choose what you want and click ‘install’. Any additionaly required packages will be installed automatically and all you have to do is to start the program.

Divide and conquer

If multiple people use your computer, just create an account for each of them. Each user has their personal storage and appropriate permissions on the system individually.

Manjaro speaks your language

Manjaro speaks your language! Just start our locale settings and select the language you want. After logging out and in again, everything is exactly the way you want. We also offer a special tool to automatically install language packs for a variety of programs and notifies you about new translations for your favorite programs.

New graphics card? One click and it's done

Manjaro comes with MHWD, the Manjaro Hardware Detection. If you need drivers for your hardware, just open it, click on “Auto Install” and wait until it’s finished. That’s it.

Switch the core with one click

Power-users and people who need special features of the Linux Kernel that don’t come with the default one, can just switch to a different Kernel with one click. Do you make music or need other realtime features? Just switch to an RT-Kernel. Do you need the newest improved open-source graphics drivers? Just switch to a newer one. Manjaro supports multiple installed Kernels at the same time. Just re-boot your system and make your selection in the boot menu.

Traveling a lot?

If you need to change your system’s timezone because you are on holiday or a business trip, we provide you with a handy tool, so you have more time to get things done or simply enjoy life.